About Us

Intrepid Adventurers is a rock, power-trio comprised of two Americans and an Aussie chick who are ‘audacious enough to try and tame China’s exotic lands through musical exploitations and buffoonery.’ The trio’s music can be described as ‘rock with a splash of blues and punk- funk up in ya.’  Songs tend to blend narrative stories with satirical philosophy. Intrepid Adventurers are known for their extensive touring in Beijing and candid, energetic live shows.

Originally recorded in Spring 2012, Cos That’s How We Do (2013) is the Intrepid Adventurers first mastered EP. Cos That’s How We Do introduces the absurd tales of three reckless, fictitious vagabonds, Bill Bunkum, Moses Cadillac & Trouble McGee as they search for sex, booze & philosophical meaning to hold off boredom.

The group’s second EP, B-Sides! (2014), features several of the songs which were not chosen for the 2013 release. B-Sides! includes four songs total, two songs from a previous band, For Stella, and two covers from friend’s bands.

The band, Intrepid Adventurers (Chinese: Mao Xian Wang), was formed by Will Hurst (aka BIll) and Jeff McNeil (aka Moses) in 2011-2012 in Beijing, China. Continue reading